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  • Six Characters in Search of an Author and Other Plays - Pirandello explores the ambiguous relationship between reality and belief in this play in which six characters rebel against the author who has left their story unfinished. They invade the rehearsal of another Pirandellian drama, attacking foundation of the play, refusing to follow stage directions, and interfering with the structure of the play until it breaks down into a series of alternately comic and tragic fragments. Pirandello's most famous and most brilliant play.
  • Henry IV - Pirandello once again examines the nature of reality and perception in this play about a seeming madman who is encouraged to believe that he is a Holy Roman Emperor. But is he really mad?
  • The Late Mattia Pascal - Like most of Pirandello's plays, this novel touches on the themes of illusion and reality, art and life, and the enigma of identity. The protagonist finds himself confronted with a unique opportunity when he is mistakenly declared dead.
  • The Oil Jar and Other Stories - A collection of short stories by Pirandello, including "Little Hut," "Mrs. Frola and Mr. Ponza, Her Son-in-Law," "Citrons from Sicily," "With Other Eyes," and "A Voice."
  • If you like these plays, you may also like Three Plays of the Absurd, a collection of modern absurdist comedies with a dark side.

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