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The following biography is reprinted from The Theatre of the Greeks: A Series of Papers Relating to the History and Criticism of the Greek Drama. John William Donaldson. Cambridge: Pitt Press, 1836. p. 99.

CHIONIDES, who is called the first writer of the old Athenian Comedy, was a contemporary of the Sicilian Comedians. To judge from the three titles which have come down to us ... we should conclude that his comedies had a political reference, and were full of personal satire; and, from an allusion in Vitruvius, we may infer, that they were gnomic like those of Epicharmus. The same appears to have been the character of the comedies of his countrymen, and contemporary Magnes, from whom Aristophanes borrowed the titles of two of his plays, and perhaps the form of all of them. Magnes gained many victories in his younger days: but when he was old, says Aristophanes, he was cast aside, merely because the edge of his satire was blunted.

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